Straightedge seems to have veered in the hands of jerks to have a highly negative connotation. Being straightedge should be a personal choice, not a religion to be forced upon others. I don't partake in drugs, but refuse to call myself straightedge. Straightedge has come to imply that the person has a problem with others doing drugs. I say what they put in their body is their own damn business, just like what I put in mine is mine.

Too many people calling themselves straightedge have done stuff like beat the shit out of a guy just because he was lighting up. Not doing drugs can(and should) be a point of pride in your willpower. Beating someone up because they have a different opinion than you should not. But those kind of self-righteous asses have polluted the otherwise simple idea of personal freedom from substance abuse.

I don't drink or do drugs.
But I would be ashamed to be called straightedge.