This is the last line of text in this writeup.

Truth. Such a cute, innocent word to look at. Such noble word to live by. Yet, possessing the power to drown the strongest, the noblest and the wisest of all men - should one have lost it somewhere along the way - is certainly something to take seriously.

The problem with the word arises from its subjective nature. Take the first sentence in this writeup, for example. At the time of writing it was the truth as it really was the last line of this writeup, but now anyone could call me a liar for writing something such; there's still a lot of text in this writeup after that first line. This leads us to but one conclusion: truth must - in some cases - be time-related. Or belief-related, or physics-related ("the accuracy of our knowledge of the world is limited by the sensitivity of the equipment used to determine and measure", as I stated in my writeup From books people learn to remember, from mistakes to understand), depending on the case.

The subjective nature of the way the word is understood (do keep in mind that words do not have any meanings, whatsoever, by themselves, see my writeup on the subject) is not the problem, it's us people that are the problem, when trying to enforce our own truths on others, who are not willing to give up theirs. The history of Man is full of sad examples of what this can lead up to: Conquistadors, Inquisition, Holocaust, just to name a few.

Creativity is close to madness, they say. Ingenuity is close to madness, they also say. Does this mean that creativity is close to ingenuity, then? If so, why is the creativity of some called just plain creativity, while the creativity of others is called ingenuity? Does creativity or madness or ingenuity even exist? What makes me write something like this? I'll tell you: it's creativity. So, am I lying, then? The one who absolutely positively, without the smallest of room for the slightest doubt, proves it is a genius. Thus, he lies and all I'm writing is true.

And that's about all I have to say about truth right now.