On the eve of the Lewinsky trial, Clinton, acting on the advice of the CIA, cruise missiled a Sudanese factory producing chemical weapons for Osama Bin Laden. Er... as the CIA now admit, the factory was entirely devoted to pharamceutical production, and was indeed only one of two medicine factories in Sudan. The US has not, so far, payed any compensation to the owner.


'A Sudanese businessman has announced he will sue the United States Government for $50m in compensation for a cruise missile attack on his pharmaceuticals factory two years ago. '


'...they found that the plant was a legitimate commercial operation "wholly engaged in the production of pharmaceuticals for sale on domestic and international markets". '

'The law firm also hired a professor of chemistry at Boston University ...This study found no evidence to support the US allegations..'

'..Salah Idris, has won a key victory in his campaign to win an admission from the US authorities that they bombed his factory in error. '

apologies for the cut'n'paste, it's just that several people didn't believe the story :p