A handful of well-known alternative tunings, the artists who've used them, and some links to tablature:

F#F#GGAA - Sonic Youth(nearly complete tab archive at http://www.sonicyouth.com/mustang/tab/index.html), Archers of Loaf

CGDGBB - Pavement,Thurston Moore

DAEF#AD - "Dadd9" tuning. Joni Mitchell, among others.

CGBbEbFBb - Weird one. Joni Mitchell on "Sex Kills"

CGCGCE - "Open C". John Fahey (see http://www.johnfahey.com/CTuning.htm for an absolutely hilarious lesson.)

DADF#AD - Fahey, "Poor Boy Long Ways From Home" (http://www.johnfahey.com/TabPoorBoyLWFH.htm)