Track number six on David Sylvian's 1987 masterpiece 'Secrets of the beehive' (one of the very few albums from the 80s that have aged extremely well, as compared to, say, Billy Idol).

It is a beautiful piece for acoustic guitars with a distinct flamenco sound, accompanied by Sylvian's smooth voice. This is eerily contrasted with the scenes of domestic violence conveyed in the lyrics.

She rises early from bed
Runs to the mirror
The bruises inflicted in moments of fury

He kneels beside her once more
Whispers a promise
'Next time I'll break every bone in your body'

If you leave out the fingerpicking, this is a great song for guitar practice, since it uses no less than 17 chords. They are: Em, Fmaj, Am9, Am, D9, A, A7, G6, Bbdim, F/A, F9/A, Am7, G, Bb, Ab, Gm7, Fmaj7#11.

Good when you're tired of playing Nirvana but not yet daring enough to take on Nick Drake's crazy alternative tunings.

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