Rafael Toral, b. 1967, Lisbon, Portugal, is a musician, producer and sound engineer. He has been performing live since 1984 in avant-garde circles. Toral works primarily with guitar in an improvisatory/soundscape context. He also digs random, unpredictable noisemaking and sculpting said noise in real time.

Legendary pop noisicians Sonic Youth invited him to play on their 2000 LP, "NYC Ghosts & Flowers," where he played a maelstrom of gtr on the song "Renegade Princess."

In April 2002, Tomlab records released "Early Works," a collection of his earliest 4-track pieces dating back to 1986.

Forthwith, all the available infos thus far:


STEIM, Amsterdam, Jun. 1995:
Residency for research on electronic circuits.

Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, 1994:
Internship for development of an intermedia performance.

Academia de Amadores de Música, Lisboa, 1990-1991:
Course in Analysis and Composition Techniques (not concluded).

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, 1989-1990:
Composition seminars by Emmanuel Nunes.

Grants, awards and distinctions

The Wire magazine, listed Aeriola Frequency as one of the best records of the year.

Amazon.com, listed Wave Field (reissued) as one of the 100 best records released in the USA that year.

Jornal Expresso, listed Wave Field as one of the best records of the year.

Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa, fellowship for residency at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC.

Selected performances:

Tonic, NYC, with Loren Mazzacane Connors. Astrocade, Philadelphia,
with Dean Roberts.

Empty Bottle, Chicago. Knitting Factory, NYC, with Thurston Moore.

Transmissions oo2, Carrboro, NC (USA). Lux, Lisbon, with Paulo Feliciano, Pita and Fennesz.

Aula Magna, Lisbon, with No Noise Reduction.

Stadtgarten, Köln, with MIMEO.

MS Stubnitz, Rostock (D). Rhiz, Wien (A).

Expo'98, Lisbon.

Mills College, Oakland, CA.

Metrònom, Barcelona.

Coliseu, Lisbon, with Rhys Chatham and the 100 guitars.

KPFA Berkeley, CA (USA).

Lounge Ax, Chicago. WHPK, Chicago.

Lunar Cabaret, Chicago, with Jim O'Rourke (USA).

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

Roulette, NYC.

XFM, Lisbon (P) with No Noise Reduction, live radio broadcast.

Teatro S. Luiz, Lisbon, with John Zorn and Yamatsuka Eye.

Centro de Arte Moderna, Lisbon.

The Cooler, New York City (USA).

Lento Sound Art Festival: Münster (D); Dortmund (D).

Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven (NL). CIEF, Copenhagen (DK).

Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC.

Galeria Graça Fonseca, Lisbon (P), with Paulo Feliciano.

VII Bienal de Arte de Cerveira.

IFICT, Lisbon. Galeria Monumental, Lisbon.

Johnny Guitar, Lisbon, with No Noise Reduction.

Livraria Bertrand, Lisbon.


"Titanium Exposé", Galeria Graça Fonseca, Lisbon: Power Field.

"20000 minutos de arte", Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon: Flyability, video and sound installation

"Tendências", Forum Picoas, Lisbon; Music and sound installation for
Bodyjoya Mix (Paula Lima, direction).


(Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance
Touch, TO:48 (CD, 2001).

Cyclorama Lift 3
Tomlab, tom007 (CD Maxi, 2000).

Meeuw Musak, MM013 (white vynil 7", 1999).

Aeriola Frequency
Perdition Plastics, per008 (CD, 1998).

Wave Field
US version, Dexter's Cigar, dex14 (CD, 1998).
Original release, Moneyland records, MR$ 0595 (CD, 1995).

Sound Mind Sound Body
US version, Moikai, M7 (CD, 1999).
Original release, Ananana, DDD001 (CD, 1994).

With No Noise Reduction

On Air
Ananana, NNN 001 (CD, 1997).

Moneyland records, MR$ 0495 (CD, 1995).


Guitar Too, For Four (Phill Niblock)
forthcoming on Moikai (CD).

Electric (MIMEO)
Grob, GROB.206/7 (CD, 2000).

Token (Sei Miguel)
Ananana, PPP001 (CD, 1999).

Amarillo Ramp (Lee Ranaldo)
Starlight Furniture Co., *8 (CD, 1998).

Chasing Sonic Booms (Rafael Toral, live improvisations)
Ecstatic Peace!, E# 33 (CD, 1998).

Showtime (Sei Miguel)
Fábrica de Sons, FS 100.002 (CD, 1996).

Solo tracks in compilations

"Sand Precision"
on the CD included in Halana magazine #4 (1998).

on "Way Out Vol. 1", Ananana, HHH001 (CD, 1997).

"My head on your shoulder feels like home"
on "Teenagers from Outer Space", Bee Keeper, BEE 012 (pink vinyl LP, 1996).
(later included in the Lullabies 7")

"Creamy Burst"
on "100%", Ant3na / Música Alternativa, MA 051 (CD, 1995).

"Soft Energy II"
on "Realidade Virtual", Fast Forward, FF001 (LP, 1991).

"Flow" (with SPQR)
on "Divergências", Ama Romanta, AMRO 001 (2LP, 1986).

with Pop dell'Arte

Ready Made
Variodisc/ Amro (mini-LP, 1992).

Variodisc/ Amro (12", 1992).

Illogik Plastik
Ama Romanta, AMRO 016 (12" EP, 1989).

Free Pop
Ama Romanta, AMRO 008 (LP, CD, 1988).

Sonhos Pop
Ama Romanta, AMRO 006 (7", 1988).

Mai '86
Ama Romanta, AMRO 003 (12", 1986).

Guest appearances

"Renegade Princess" (Sonic Youth)
on "NYC Ghosts and Flowers", Geffen, 490 650-2 (CD, 2000).

"1968" (Gasoleene)
on "Supermarket Music" compilation, Bee Keeper, Bee 020 (CD, 1996).

"Happy Future Story pt.II" (Supernova)
on "10 Anos sempre no ar" compilation, Lux 01 (CD. 1996).

Vidya (Vítor Rua)
Potlatch 001 (LP, 1991).

Disco Pirata (Rádio Macau)
Alcobia Record (CD, 1991).

Espírito Invisível (Mler Ife Dada)
Polygram 841272-2 (CD, 1989).


Clockwork (Clockwork)
pre-release (CD, 1999).

Try Me (Toast)
Bee Keeper, Bee 30 (CD, 1997).

Storafile (Supernova)
Nortesul, 724385621727 (CD, 1996).

Teenage Drool (Tina and the Top Ten)
El Tatu. ET 94003 (CD, 1994).

3Shaken (God Spirou)
Skyline, SKL 001 (CD, 1993).

Everslick (Tina and the Top Ten)
Moneyland Records, MLR 002 (7", 1993).

Ready Made (Pop dell'Arte)
Variodisc/ Amro (mini-LP, 1992).

João Peste e o Acidoxibordel (João Peste e o Acidoxibordel)
Ama Romanta, AMRO 019 (EP, 1990)

Illogik Plastik (Pop dell'Arte)
Ama Romanta, AMRO 016 (EP, 1989), co-production.


Plux Quba (Nuno Canavarro)
Digital re-mastering and new edit for Moikai release.

On Air (No Noise Reduction)
Out-take in the compilation "Way Out Vol. 1", Ananana, HHH001 (CD, 1997).

Blastic Scene (Sonic Youth)
EQ and mastering for official bootleg, Moneyland, MLR 001 95 (CD, 1995). The CD includes "SYNext", a track by No Noise Reduction.

Works by No Noise Reduction later included in Moneyland's release appeared in the compilation Em Tempo Real, El Tatu, ET 91004 (CD, 1991).


Member of The Houseware Experience (with Paulo Feliciano, David Toop, Amon Tobim, Elliot Earls, I'm sore, d-fuse, Dreamlab, TVT and many others).

Member of the creative team for the Acqua Matrix daily multimedia show at Lisbon's Expo 98.

1998 to present
Member of MIMEO (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra), with Keith Rowe, Phil Durrant, Kaffe Matthews (UK), Christian Fennesz, Peter Rehberg (A), Cor Fuhler, Gert Jan Prins (NL), Thomas Lehn, Marcus Schmickler (D), Jerome Noetinger (F) and Markus Wettstein (CH).

Coordinator/ curator for 100 guitarists performing a piece by Rhys Chatham in Lisbon.

1990 to present
NO NOISE REDUCTION, a duo project with Paulo Feliciano based in Lisbon, Portugal. Working in a variety of areas from sound-art to music