The Beats were not the first and they will not be the last group to show that the everyday humdrum of "the worlds" straight jacket plan is not the only way to live. Far from it.

The Beats were just another in a long line of out of the box thinkers whose works and words grabbed a few headlines and made a splash as media darlings. Beyond that though the thrust of the beat movement was taken up by the next wave of headline heroes/scapegoats, the hippies, soon to be replaced by the punks for a short time, the church of the sub genius and then various other labels.

Before them were the dadaists, Bauhaus, spancofigan, naturalists and countless other movements in the early 20th century.

To see the beats as an ends rather than a part of many ongoing and interwoven threads is to miss the forest for the trees. Studying much of their words shows that the label is not the movement, the obvious not the important.

This is also the case with Fight Club. While the obvious messages and images were the reported on ones the subtle and sublime were overlooked for the sensational headlines that could be got. Once again, as with beat, dadaist, punk, etc works, what you get out of the experience of reading or seeing Fight Club will have very little to do with how mass media or society as a whole sees it and more on how you as an individual sees it.

In the end to grow we all must pull the trigger of the gun we have firmly placed in our own mouths.