There are 3 correct ways to serve after shock;

1. Pour into shot glass. Warm with hands for 60 seconds. Ignite with zippo. Down in one, preferably without immolating yourself.

2. Keep bottle in freezer for a few hours (aftershock is 40%, it won't freeze until it's about -40C). Pour shot. Drink but don't swallow for 60 seconds. Once shot is swallowed, scream in pain. Watch as you attract the attention of many girls.

3. Mix up a measure of aftershock (UK pub standard measure = 25cc), 1 measure of vodka (preferably a good vodka like Finlandia or Smirnoff blue), and add ice and redbull to taste. This mixture is bright red, and people will ask what on earth you are drinking. Wetherspoons pubs sell pitchers of this stuff (multiply all quantities by 3) at good prices.