Kashiwa City, in Chiba Prefecture, is the nexus point of the Tobu-Noda, Joban and Tsukuba Express Train lines, is a bedroom community of Tokyo, about 25 minutes east of Ueno Station within Tokyo.

The main train station Kashiwa, is dominated by the Takashimaya and Vat department stores and Bic Camera, an electronics emporium.

Kashiwa City is sometimes referred to as Little Shibuya because of its arts and entertainment orientation. The Joban Art Line, an organization that promotes local artists and outsiders welcomed in, promtoes events at the east exit of Kashiwa Station regularly.

Peculiar to Kashiwa City is the windmill landmark at Akebono Park close to the banks of the Tone River, the boundary between Chiba and Ibarakai Prefectures. Below the windmill at various times of year, flower fields are featured. This is cute and weird, and well, the residents flock there for relief from Kanto's urban sprawl on national holidays. Also, above Akebono Park is the lovely Fuse Benzaiten Temple, honouring he goddess known variously as Benten and Sarswaiti.