Yeah, remember when:

The standard of living in Japan was the highest in the world.

Everyone marveled at Japanese efficiency and management (haha, what a joke!).

All the Americans thought that Sony, Nintendo, and Sega were American companies (some still do?).

The Nikkei shot up like a fuckin rocket.

The richest man in the world was a Japanese.

Getting a job was a simple as going on the company trip to the spring baths at Izu.

Eating $1,000 meals at restaurants smaller than my apartment in Tokyo that you can only get in if you know the owner or by invitation by a friend of the owner.

Never taking trains, taking taxis everywhere and getting charged by the straight meter (about 3 feet?).

Free loans and money to spend on stupid shit (thus bad debt now).

Reading this just makes me think, "What the fuck happened?" "Who the hell fucked up?" "How could people fuck up so quickly" and "Where did all of that fucking money go"...

Then I remember how corrupt and dirty politicians are and that nothing has changed in the last 10 years... ...and there are things like a convenient multi-billion dollar bridge connecting Awaji island to Honshu island ( can't laugh though because I have friends from Awaji Island) and concert halls for Niigata farmers (again can't laugh because of friends and my aneki's wife and relatives).

...but I am relieved that there still are idiots these days who will spend $3,000 on a pair of 40 year old "vintage" levi jeans. Baka!!!