Swankivy's writeup triggered a flood of memories when I was the IT Officer for a Baptist theological college.

The Bible as a thief repellent.

I can definitely say that this is a very ineffective way of protecting your possessions. You would think that a theological college would be the height of goodness and virtue. Ha! You could not be further from the truth.

The College had a continuing and quite serious run of thefts from the library and general College environs during the four years I worked at there. To be fair, the level of theft was probably on par for a non-theological location, but it was so much more noticeable given that the thefts occurred in a place where 'thou shalt not steal' is a basic tenet.

Which simply reinforces the notion that saying that you are a Christian means absolutely nothing. It's your actions that show what you are. However, this also means that using the Bible as a thief repellent is not only ineffectual, but simply stupid.