I think that the more important thing to consider is not the people who cannot decide on what their morals and values should be, but those who refuse to consider changing theirs.

If one looks back over time, it can be seen time and time again that the agreed 'normal' moral standard fluctuates, morphs and transforms almost continually. As examples, once it was considered fine to have slaves, now it is not. Once it was considered fine to burn witches at the stake, now it is not. Once it was considered taboo to discuss sex, now it is not. Once it was considered evil to have abortions, now it is less so etc etc.

If we agree that morals change in our society, then there is no such thing as absolute morals. If this is the case, then those that are in the wrong (if I may be so bold as to put the issue into black and white) are not those who shift in their morality, but those who remain fixed and immovable.

By all means, be adamant and strong in your beliefs and morals, but don't be fanatical and closed to other opinions ... for who knows, in time, you may be proven to be very very wrong.