A variation of Guts which is itself a variation of poker. The only difference between Guts and Hold Your Guts is what happens if everybody folds.

In Guts, when everyone folds, everyone returns their cards and gets new ones. Usually, a sigh of relief is heard since no one liked their original cards. In Hold Your Guts, however, when everyone folds, everyone keeps their cards - they just redo the decision part, where they hide a chip in their hand if they're in or keep their hand empty if they're out.

Imagine it. You're holding a medium-low hand and there's too much money in the pot. Everybody folds. There's a sudden intake of breath as everyone reconsiders their hand. My hand is crap - but everyone else's is too, right? What does Bob think is a bad hand? Is he a wimp? If his idea of a bad hand is a jack and a five, I'm in real trouble if I go in this time... but someone has to, right?

This is an incredibly stressful situation to say the least. If you have a heart condition, consult your physician before playing this game.