I have had an on again off again stress related ulcer since I was 15. (freaking college prep high school!)

So here is a breakdown of what happens when you have an ulcer, or are about to get one (they take time to happen)..

  • Your feel hungry all the time
  • Yet you cannot eat a full meal
  • You feel severe pain after eating chinese, mexican, italian, trucker (i.e. white gravy) or indian food ... but not sushi or salads...
  • Milk products make you nauseated
  • You have to burp about 10 times per meal
  • You feel pain when hugged, when you bend over, or when you wear tight pants
  • You cat walking up and sitting on your chest while you read a book in bed causes horrid pain
  • You go through approximately 5 Quick Dissolve Maalox a day
  • Taking NSAIDS (i.e. aleve, advil) causes you to throw up

If you manage to ignore these long enough, you start bleeding and all sorts of bad things happen...