Donovanosis, A Sexual Transmitted Disease

A chronic bacterial disease caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatosis, resulting in massive genital ulceration, affecting men more frequently than women.

1-6 weeks after infection (which is usually sexually transmitted), a papule develops into a characteristic ulcer with rolled edges which can bleed easily and become super-infected. Subcutaneous granulomas can be mistaken for enlarged lymphnodes (hence the name pseudobubo) and develop into ulcers or develop discharging sinuses. Pathological, enormous enlargement of the genitalia may occur during healing.

Diagnosis can be made with a crush stain of one of the ulcers walls with the pathognomic Donovan bodies.

Recommended Management: Co-trimoxazole or tetracycline, but if you wear a condom you're much, much safer.

please, for pete's sake, always wear a condom.

Source: Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

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