I dreamt I was the co-pilot of a very large, black, experimental passenger plane. It was out of control. This was no ordinary aeroplane. It was very wide with a great wing span (it looked like one of those stealth bombers) and the passengers sat behind the pilots and could see through an enormous windscreen in the front - almost like the passengers in the front of a European tour bus. So they could see exactely what the pilots (and the plane) were doing.
It would swoop and dive for the ground and then the pilot would yank the controls and the whole thing would go into a loop and back up toward the clouds where it would sputter and stall and would come zooming back down again.
But the strange thing is that even though I kept calling out to the other pilot to 'pull up!' or 'watch out!' or 'fly straight!' and even though the whole plane jerked and rattled the passengers seemed to all be enjoying the ride and were sipping the drinks served by the air hostesses.

It was one of those strange invincible dreams in which, even though it's constant chaos, everything seems fine as you constantly cheat death by the narrowest of margins.