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Great Big Soulless Retailer
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Somehow with my previous nick(used on mailing lists etc.) I had fallen into the trap of trying to use a nick loaded with meaning.
I ended up with 'thinkandsleep' and felt silly after about two weeks.
So there it is - thismeansnothing.

what to do about colds and flu,
should I leave my girlfriend?

The Level 2 Song

    Level 2-oo-oo
    I love you-oo-oo
    It's good to be-ee-ee
    As cool as me-ee-ee
    Doobie doo-doo-doo
    I'm at level 2-oo-oo

'The business of the World is Trade and Death, and you must engage with that unpleasentness, as the price of your not-at-all-assur'd Moment of Purity - Fool.' - Thomas Pynchon