The Black Keys are a two-piece band from Akron, Ohio. They have been categorized as blues, blues rock, indie rock, garage rock, and probably much more. But, to put it simply, they play rock and roll. Dan Auerbach plays the electric guitar and lends his vocals, and Patrick Carney plays the drums. They formed in 2001.

Their sound and production of their music has been noted as unique. The band has done most of the recording and mixing themselves. Their second release, Thickfreakness, was recorded in twelve hours in drummer Patrick Carney's basement. Attack & Release, their most recent to date, is the only album that was recorded in an actual studio, and is also the only album that they have worked with an outside producer. The band usually records with a fuzzy low-fidelity, distorted sound, which is especially evident with their first three or four records. They have in the past left in background noises in their recordings.

Their sound and approach to creating music is simple but it is some of the best rock and roll around today. Early on Dan Auerbach was largely influenced by the blues, including Junior Kimbrough, Son House, Robert Johnson, Robert Nighthawk, and more. This is especially evident in Auerbach's style and approach playing guitar. Carney, on the other hand, has stated he never really got into the blues much. As one-half of The Black Keys, one may assume the style he brings to the band is what truly makes them unique. Since their debut album, The Big Come Up, the band has developed unique sounds to each and every album while sticking to their foundations.

An amazing show they put on, The Black Keys in every way play real, original, simplistic rock and roll.


  • The Big Come Up
  • Thickfreakness
  • The Rubber Factory
  • Magic Potion
  • Attack & Release
  • Brothers
  • Extended Plays:

  • The Moan
  • Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough


  • Live in Austin, TX
  • Current Label: Nonesuch Records