An American Dream.

We could stop building schools, and only build prisons at public expense.

We could blow up all public hospitals, as Stockwell Day's government in Alberta has begun to do.

We could end the democratic process of informed voters, and politicize them with millions and millions of dollars of partisan media commercials, paid for with their own tax money, as the Ontario tories under Mike harris has done. They said they would reduce taxes and cut spending. They cut spending, alright, and reduced taxes--they borrowed $10 billion to do it, though.

We could rationalize the America's economic system: ship all labor-intensive industry to Mexico where the ex-president of Coca-cola knows a thing or two about business. And we could ship those unnecessary people south who have no place in An American Dream

And if they fail to see the logic and efficiency of that--and that it would benefit George W. Bush's silent backers--the United States of America will always have a strong military, even if it has hungry, and homeless, and sick.

Let's all get ahead. and if you don't have the advantage of connections--too bad.

Yes, this may probably happen. But I don't think the "obstructionists" will go too quietly.

Ralph Klein's government in Alberta, in which Stockwell Day was a minister, did blow up the Calgary General Hospital. Then they said the public sector couldn't handle the number of people who need health care--so they have to pay the private sector with tax money.

And there were days and days of mass demonstrations outside of the provincial legilature. But why listen to the people--in Prague, in Dresden, in Moscow, maybe, but not in Edmonton.

Believe me as you please, DMan.

Asians, or Americans, are all capitalists, DMan? You're not American, so you must mean Asians. No, I think very few people are capitalists, actually.

Ya gotta have a lot more money than any student, or piano teacher, does to get into that club.

Instead of racism, today we speak of the deserving and the undeserving. Even my understanding of the American myth knows it speaks of all--or it did.... Does it anymore?

Who is the dream for?