Funagain is a distributor of board games on the web. In my opinion they are one of the best. They have an extensive catalog, including many imported games. Each import that is not sold in English is accompanied by an English copy of the rules, a very handy thing I might add. They carry games of all types, but for the browser or window shopper they have reviews and ratings of their games, in addition to sales rankings. This lets you see what games people like, or what are good sellers. Funagain also stocks award winning games, such as Germany's Spiel des Jahres, the game of the year. For those outside the board gaming industry, Germany is a major producer of quality board games.

I would highly recommend to anybody shopping for miscellaneous games or looking to expand their selection. With good selection and good prices, they're hard to beat online. See what has won some recent awards and try it out. My gaming club at school has ordered from them numerous times (with university funding of course), and we have been very satisfied.