So I'm on my way to sci tech.

About a mile from the expressway (I'm going down Kika De La Garza road) my tire blows out.
I call my aunt and she comes to get me.
I use the jack in her Durango to pick up my truck. My jack was a piece of shit.

Well I'm changing the tire and it starts to rain.
So I'm like," fuck" ,and hurry up and finish the tire.
I'm soaking wet by the time I'm done. I get into the truck and the window won't roll up. So I'm thinkig "fuck...what else could go wrong."
I ran out of gas a mile down the road. I put it in neutral and made it to the store.
I have no god damn money. I had to bum money off of some hic in the store. Well I'm going down the road and my wipers go out.
So I'm driving with my head out the window every now and then.
WELL, I'm pulling into Sebastian and my fucking muffler falls off.
I'm praying that nothing more will go wrong but knowing my luck, something will.