VX is the most deadly Nerve Agent known to man (or at least the most deadly one known to the public). It was developed as a pesticide in 1952. It is fatal at a dose of .3 mg. For added pleasure, it absorbs through the skin.

The chemical is 3 times more deadly than sarin.

The patent for VX has been declassified since the mid 70s and is thus available to the public.

Some data on it:
Chemical Name: O-Ethyl-S-[2(diisopropylamino)ethyl]methylphosphonothioate
Formula: CH3CH2O-P(O)(CH3)-SCH2CH2N(C3H7)2
Molecular Weight: 267.3 g/mole BP: 298 degrees Celsius
MP: -20 degrees Celsius
Vapor Pressure: 0.0007 mm Hg @ 20 degrees Celsius