Over The Air Service Provisioning.

OTASP is a protocol used by wireless service providers (e.g. mobile phone network and digital wireless network operators) to allow new subscribers to temporarily connect to a limited set of services on the network so as to establish a permanent connection (existing subscribers desiring to alter their account parameters would use OTAPA, or Over-the-Air Parameter Administration).

An example of OTASP in use is the mall kiosks where one can purchase a mobile phone. These kiosks have no special connection to the wireless network; the phones are "activated" by establishing a radio link to the appropriate network (Sprint PCS, AT&T, Cingular, etc.) and submitting a request for service using OTASP.

RFC2604 provides a working standard for OTASP when dealing with standards-based (e.g. TCP/IP) networks; this is much more easily implemented than the more complicated but international standard, EIA/TIA/IS-683A.