During my annual company conference, a presentation was given entitled 'Let's go for a swim in Lake "us".'

As if this wasn't bad enough, questionnaires were given out at the end of the session, which we are all required to completed by 4th October - tomorrow.

They contain psychological profiling questions and ask us about our feelings about our company, work and colleagues.

We were told that we could be completely candid in our answers, and that it was not a test, but "an exercise in team-building" etc, etc.

Sceptical as ever, I suspected differently.

Sure enough, today everyone in the office is diligently filling in their answers and furiously conferring to ensure that no one knowingly sticks their head above the parapet and says anything different.

People are changing their answers to ensure that their set of responses make them appear the perfect, loyal ,satisfied employee.

So they don't get fired.

I knew this would happen, and I feel vindicated and simultaneously nauseous.

Even if I wanted to I couldn't copy their answers because I left my questionnaire at home.