The Millennium Dome is an overgrown tent in London, originally designed to be a cultural landmark in our great city.
Upon entering what feels like a hangar, not vast enough to inspire awe at the sheer scale of it, but large enough to prove inconvenient to navigate, I realised that my original suspicions were to be vindicated.

The fact of it being a warehouse which has sprung up in the middle of wasteland and been filled with multi-coloured objects which may or may not serve any purpose, made me think, for a moment, that I was in fact spending my Monday morning at Ikea. Alas, The Dome possesses neither the perfectly executed floorplanning of the Uberstore - enabling the visitor to take a linear route around the place without losing the feeling of exploration - nor does it have the facility to buy stylish Swedish homewares at everyday prices.

The haphazardly placed disjointed exhibits, installations and interactive wank bear no relevance or relationship to one another, and smell of amateurism and desperation. The only common themes I could find were of corporate sponsorship and a surplus of food concessions, which would at least ensure that while visitors may leave the "attraction" feeling culturally famished their physical hunger at least will be sated.

There was one other common theme to the Dome , which is that each and every inch of it is an unconscionable waste of British taxpayer's money*.

(*Although actually the money was garnered from the National Lottery, which is in fact a tax on the stupid)