A celebrity since birth due to his father - Kingsley Amis - being such a prolific writer, I'd not had much time for him and thought he was rather up his own arse until I was drawn in by Experience- his autobiography.

Published recently, the book deals with his relationship with his father and various other members of the intelligentsia, along with more personal matters involving his own family - particularly the death of his cousin Lucy at the hands of Fred and Rosemary West.
Julie Burchill thought this part of the book a disgusting attempt by Amis to cash in on a horrific event which is best kept private, and this led to a nice little literary spat between them - but let's face it Burchill is no stranger to spats of any kind.

Even if you haven't read any Amis, I would recommend starting with Experience; it's not what you would call light, either physically or intellectually, but it is a stunning read.