A death

Having fled to France (from Germany) Benjamin was again forced to move on to escape persecution. Having continually refused aid from his Franfurt colleagues, now largely based in the US, Benjamin finally took advantage of their help by being fast-tracked through the Marseilles' visa office and recieved a Spanish transit visa. However, not having a French exit visa he was forced to try to cross the border at an unguarded point (over the mountains to Port Bou). On reaching the border Benjamin found that Spain had closed the border that same day, and that the Spanish officials did not honour visas made out in Marseilles.

That night Benjamin took his life. The next day, on hearing this, the Spanish officials allowed the band he had been travelling with over the border. Several weeks later the embargo on visas was lifted.

Had Benjamin arrived one day earlier he would have got through, had he applied for the visa one day later, the Marseilles' officials would have known that the border was closed.