Can is a Krautrock band from Germany and Ege Bamyasi is Can's 4th album which was published in 1972. It's one of the best albums by Can. You will find experimental rock in this album.

But what does Ege Bamyasi mean?

Ege Bamyasi is a term in Turkish. It means a kind of okra, "Aegean Okra". Aegean is a geographical region in Turkey.

Can members saw and ate this tinned food on a holiday in Turkey and it became this album's title. You can see this tinned food on album's front cover: Ege Bamyasi.

And now, album's track list, as follows:

1. Pinch
2. Sing Swan Song
3. One More Night
4. Vitamin C
5. Soup
6. I'm So Green
7. Spoon

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