The most glaring mistake made by most people outside computing is to create unique quest objects -- a unique bit of integrated circuitry, a piece of software, a message -- that, for some reason or other can't be transmitted, duplicated, or reverse-engineered.Given that both sides are more-or-less equally skilled, the best ending to a film like Wild Palms is to *return* the Go chip to Kreutzer intact, and then casually say,

"Oh, yes, you can use it to control this." A flash, and one kid turns into a lion.

"Or like this." The second kid turns the coffee table into something else.

"Or like this." The third kid strips Kreutzer himself of all clothing.

" many copies do you have?"

"'Bout a thousand. Going to make us a bundle...they're selling like mad. Of course, we've copylefted the design. Just thought you might want to know."

The three guys high-five each other.

"Have fun!"