The typical response of Asterix and Obelix to the idiotic, arrogant or pointless behaviour of their Roman adversaries, especially Julius Caesar. Typically said while circling the finger next to the ear to indicate insanity and cupping the hand near the mouth as though whispering.

Variations include:
I went to Rome recently and had the opportunity to utter this phrase many times. Tick one more off my wish list!

for The Oolong Man

If you feel the need to act pretentious, or merely wish to communicate the reference to someone brought up on the original French versions of the Asterix books, the canonical form of this line is "Ils sont fous, ces romains". Furthermore, the finger is not circled in the air, but tapped against the forehead, producing the sound effect "Toc! Toc! Toc!". The Italian translation uses an lightly modified version of a common slur directed by other Italians against the inhabitants of their capital city, "Sono Pazzi, Questi Romani" (initial capitals are obligatory, of course).

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