Victory Gardens were also a feature of the 1970's, as a result of sharply higher food prices in America as the result of stagflation; hippie agrarianism, the book The Secret Life of Plants and the nostalgia craze also contributed. Surprisingly, not a few people old enough to remember WWII had continued vegetable growing throughout the postwar years, and these were joined by various other people trying to save a few pennies (i.e. everybody), some of whom banded together to form community gardens in empty lots which still remain.

As I recall, they were of but moderate success. Vegetable gardening, to be a viable food source, takes a great deal more space than floriculture; that and the relative inexperience of many of the would-be agriculturists made yields much lower than expected -- as one contemporary source put it "I spent $50 for one salad at the end of the year."