One of the worst (or best) films ever of the 50's SF genre. Filmed in 1964, at the low ebb of the genre this no-budget bomb features a small squad of college students under a large shaggy rug, dragon-style, that comically devours a VW Beetle, a small hootenanny, and various other locals, dramatically narrated (someone actually lost the soundtrack!). The whole thing recalls the movies my English class did in High School, which only adds to its charm -- this isn't to be compared with Star Wars, or even Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but with such folk art as Troops, Hardware Wars, and the like.

The "surprise ending" at least shows that someone did their homework, SF-wise, and there's an attempt to provide a subplot on the true value of marriage, but really, this is no more than a light snack. But fun!