Still at the Three Judges. The biggest thing to happen over the weekend was a fight between two drug dealers, one of whom was pretty badly cut up. Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the Large Plastic Tub, didn't get out to the library. Still no real leads for a roommate.

My mother has just heard from the cousin I picked money up from: she said that she didn't give me more, since she'd seen some money in my wallet, and was concerned that she might be "enabling". She followed up with a discussion, if you can believe it, of her painful toenail, and how she feels as if she should see the doctor about it, again.

Friday, I went out and had a nice chat with a fellow from Bank of America, who gave me some job-hunting tips. Some fellow at the motel thinks I'm some kind of psychological basket case since he saw me walking on the road with my pack and bedroll. We're avoiding each other now, since he caught me discussing excercise and pregnancy with his boss's wife, thoroughly embarrassing him, he says. (What kind of guy has a serious business meeting in a no-tell motel parking lot on Sunday afternoon? Hmmmm....) Saw a good documentary on Discovery about child bodybuilding, and I'm reading a history of stage magic. I'll have more WU's for you soon. Bye.