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How can we absorb Mars energy of action/drive and make him favour us?

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How can we absorb Mars energy of action/drive and make him favour us?

This is classical Correspondence.

First, wear red, or it’s modern equivalent, olive drab, or black. Historically, when we dealt in ballet wars, warriors wore red, so that blood wouldn’t show, the same way that women’s bedsheets in the Byzantine Court used to be. Now we deal with camouflage and guerilla warfare.

Surround yourself with scents of gunpowder, pepper, and blood.

Crystals aren’t all that Martian, but you might put in a Ruby or Garnet. Also you might think of red-tinted sand, the color of Mars from Earth. Look at the NASA photographs.

Plants are Oak, Rue, and Wormwood.

Metals are iron, brass and at some remove, uranium.

Music is marches, classic war songs, and marching songs.

Animals are dogs, horses, birds of prey (eagles, hawks…), and crows (and ravens).

In short, surround yourself with the military. Wake early, do everything to the clock. Watch war movies, training videos on You Tube.Read the classic military writers: the Art of War, the Book of Five Rings, Tacitus, and so on. Play military-themed video games.

but Mars energy is far older than some of these concepts but they are still good concepts … I do have red sandstone to …Thor also likes beer but that’s Thor and could be viewed as separate if just focused on Mars energy …ale or whatever…things hold power for an individual when that person believes they do so crystals could be very useful to someone who has realized it for themselves…and the songs are a specific rhythm and tone …all war songs chants or drums all have certain things in common… and there are very very old ones…..Mars and then there is also thor which I believe is Nordic if I’m not mistaken..

This is the sort of thing that I characterize as "Fluffy Wicca", starting with the first letter of the comment. Mars is probably the easiest to characterize in terms of correspondences, since he's the God of War. Yes, he does have other faces, Thor, for one, Ares, and some aspects of יהוה in the Old Testament. But why bring up Thor, if only because you have a vague sense that he might like beer and you do also? And yeah, he's Norden. Maybe. Note, also, that vague sense of superiority. Not that I don't have one, myself...

Yes, dear, we know that some people are real rockhounds who can't wait for another trip to the crystal shop so you can feel nice and girly with all the incense and pretty music, and take any excuse to do a nice cleansing, with smudge and a rose petal bath (red roses, 'cause, like Mars?), and then maybe a ritual with your favorite wand (not a dagger, since a wand is so much nicer), a nice leisurely meditation on the heart Chakra ('cause it cures everything), then, let's see...drumming? did you say? Right after your vegan Norden feast with brewski, yes indeed! ive got this EarthPeace@Sedona FLAC that's real primal! thor would be so proud! now, which god am i trying to evoke? let's look it up, it's really ishtar, since that's older.. It's ok, because that's how i roll!

But that's just not Mars. Yeah, he had his soft side (he coaxed Venus away from Vulcan), but trying to evoke Mars with the same techniques that you'd use for Gaia or Diana is kind of like trying to imagine R. Lee Ermey at a little girl's tea party, or trying to fight the Battle of Antietam by lining up the Rebels and having them shut their eyes and request more personal space.

Mars just isn't amenable to that kind of thing. What you want in evoking the spirit of Mars, the gung-ho, get-it-done, do-or-die Spirit of the Battlefield is to strip away all nonessential props, and get bleeding-edged up to date. Right?