This is homelessness:

Don't you have a friend you can stay with?

Uh, I'm used to being alone...
There are too many people in my house already.
My mom's sick, and might stop over.
I have kids.
I don't have kids.
I have a boyfriend, he might get jealous.
I have a girlfriend, she might get ideas.
My dog gets jealous.
My schedule is very irregular.
My schedule is very set.
I'm working 9 to 5.
I'm working odd hours.
I'm not working.
Can I buy you a sandwich?

I know a great agency...they do referrals to City Shelter.
At City Shelter they have beds.
At City Shelter they have classes.
At City Shelter they have food.
At City Shelter they have listings for apartments.
At City Shelter they can help people like you.
At City Shelter they have showers.
I've never been there, but I've heard they have it.
City Shelter can't be that bad!
Doesn't City Shelter do referrals?

Why don't you ask your priest?
Why don't you ask your mother?
Why don't you ask your clinician?
Why don't you ask your ex-boyfriend?
Why don't you ask someone else?
Can I buy you a sandwich?

I'd like to rent to you, but you don't have a job.

You're too old.
You're too young.
You aren't a veteran.
You aren't on disability.
You don't have references.
You have too many references.
You aren't a student.
You've got too much schooling. I can't understand you.
You're not too well educated, you don't have a degree.
You're not working class.
You're not professional class.
You're not the arty type.
You're the arty type, I don't trust you.
Can I buy you a sandwich?

Expect nothing to be as advertised.
Expect to be treated as if you're ignorant/HIV-positive/violent/schizophenic/addicted.
Expect to be offered dangerous and addictive drugs by mental health professionals.
Expect to be referred to a 12-step group if you so much as admit to liking beer.
Expect social service agencies to tell you there are no programs that will take you unless you either consent to being medicated or to go into a drug rehabilitation program.
Expect social service people to expect you to give them total control over your life.
Expect to lose a tooth or two.
Expect to never get enough sleep.
Expect to be always tired and anxious.
Expect to gain some weight.
Expect to get in trouble with the law.
Expect to age a few years.
Expect to have your old friends/shopkeepers/bartenders shun you.

Expect to have people say, even though you've gotten enough carbs that day to fatten several hogs at the soup kitchen, and would much rather have a good nap in a safe place than eat another calorie for the next several days, because they want to feel as if they've done a good turn:
Can I buy you a sandwich?