Writing this was odd, because as I read it I realize that it's not much different that the sentiments I've seen posted all week. Doesn't really matter, daylogs - for me - are for about anything- so this is mine.

It’s so easy to hate. So easy to lash out and try to take revenge for all of the hate that’s occurred in the last week- and I feel as if we’re being led down some path by a leash. We’ve managed to put on the blinders and ignore the reason and logic that we should be using - all in the name of hate and revenge.

I got an email from a friend of mine called “forecast” that gives a fictitious weather forecast dealing with mushroom clouds and destruction in Afghanistan. It’s as if the fear and dread that we’ve had for war and destruction is sliding away into blood and hate and anticipation. Do we really know what the consequences will be if we go to war over this senseless act of killing? I don’t know. Do I want justice? Yes. I do. I want those who are responsible brought to a court and tried for their crimes. Yes, I want it all to stop, but I don’t want thousands more dead just for our sense of justice.

I keep seeing all of the cries for war, for vengeance, for justice - and I don’t know what will prevail. Are we truly wise enough to mete out justice or are we simply acting out the role of victim and preparing to strike out of anger? God, I want us to be wise.

I’ve had so many conversations with people regarding all of this. Almost everyone I speak with has the same sentiment - that we want this done correctly. We want this done right… but the question I have is: do we have a government full of people thinking the same thing? Do we have leadership that understands that vengeance is not justice? Do they understand that, while some of these nations have people who hate us, the nations are also filled with people who are simply trying to make their lives as happy and peaceful as we? As a nation, we are not innocent bystanders. We HAVE done damage and we DO have blood on our hands- regretfully. We did not deserve the attack; those people did not deserve to die. But the new blood taken does not give us the right of vengeance. We must tread so carefully.

And it comes to the question of “what we are willing to do for ‘justice’?” I would only hope that we are not foolish enough to blunder into a situation that brings not only the US to the brink of destruction but also the world. There is no good war; there is no good death. We should know this. But those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Nuclear warfare is no laughing matter. If we think that the destruction at the WTC is horrible, then we must understand that to exacerbate the issue by indiscriminate bombing will only bring more hate and the death of the innocent. We may never get to nuclear bombardment - I only hope we won’t be so foolish to think that we could use such devices in this.

We must also learn from our mistakes in South and Central America and Iraq when we deal with those people who oppose the Taliban and the fundamentalists harboring Bin Laden. Is the enemy of my enemy truly my friend? We must determine with a clear mind and ask ourselves this question: “Would we support this group if the WTC disaster never happened?” and “Are these people seeking a free society, or are they simply another scattered faction of power with the desire to rule rather than the need to govern peacefully?”

Personally, I don’t know their motivations. I only hope we have enough sense to use our heads to not only find justice, but to truly make the world a safer place- for all.

We must be the example here; we cannot allow our pain turn into the types of ‘eye for an eye’ attacks that we currently see in the Middle East. My hope is that the time we take to investigate is well spent- not only in finding the perpetrators- but also in learning why this happened and how to change for the better. We must be the example. We must show that it is possible to fight hate with justice and patience. We must show that to strike out, without pause, when one of us is damaged only makes the matter far worse.

The most recent sign of the example we must be can be shown recently when Arafat instructed his defense force to “exercise maximum self-restraint in the face of Israeli aggression and attacks” and the Israeli Defense Ministry confirmed it was halting all offensive operations against the Palestinians.


If we must strike, I only hope that we do it because we must and not just because we can.