Drugs that are legal, such as alcohol, tobacco and sugar promote violent and competitive behaviour. This feeds into the free market hype about being ultra-competitive, especially globally competitive. So these drugs are legal.

On the other spectrum, we have illegal drugs, such as pot and E. These drugs tend to mellow out people and promote cooperation and peace which are somewhat antithetical to the free market conspiracy. So they remain illegal despite the fact that both these drugs are less harmful than alcohol.

While I do not think this is a global conspiracy, I think its an unconcious conspiracy which happens in little steps.

"...Because of its subliminally psychedelic effect, cannabis when pursued as a lifestyle, places a person in intuitive contact with less competitive behavior patterns. For these reasons marijuana is unwelcome in the modern office environment, while a drug such as coffee, which reinforces the values of industrial culture, is both welcomed and encouraged. Cannabis use is correctly sensed as heretical and deeply disloyal to the values of male dominance and stratified hierarchy." - Terence McKenna

If this is not a conspiracy, what is?