Organized Noize consists of Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Patrick "Sleepy" Brown. The trio handled much of the early production work for The Dungeon Family, particularly OutKast.

OutKast's first album (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik) was pretty much entirely produced by Organized Noize. Most of OutKast's second album (ATLiens) was produced by Organized Noize, as was some of OutKast's third album (Aquemini, though much of this album was also produced by Andre and Big Boi themselves, as well as guests such as George Clinton). Organized Noize only did one track on Stankonia, though Sleepy Brown is still listed on many track credits. Organized Noize did no tracks for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, though Sleepy Brown appeared as a guest vocalist on Big Boi's single "The Way You Move".

Goodie Mob's Soul Food was mostly produced by Organized Noize, as was some of Goodie's second album, Still Standing. Sleepy Brown and Ray Murray also have production credits on later Goodie albums.

Even in Darkness (the album put out by The Dungeon Family as a single super-group) also features a large Organized Noize presence.

Organized Noize signed a distribution deal with Interscope in 1996; their label included Cool Breeze and Witchdoctor (who had the somewhat well known single "Holiday/12 Scanner", which appeared on the Bulworth soundtrack). The deal ended in 1999 when their acts failed to gain great commercial success.

Though they're known more for their production work with the Dungeon Family (and not well known by name outside of the hip-hop world), TLC's single Waterfalls was probably Organized Noize's biggest hit in terms time spent on the pop chart.

Sources:, years of listening to various Dungeon Family artists (especially OutKast).