A mid-nineties garage rock band from Kingsport, TN who during their existence were generally recognized as the most popular, consistent, and talented high school band in the Tri-Cities area. The lineup of Toy consisted of:

Will Ingram: vocals and bass
Christian Norman: lead guitar
Clay Piercy: rhythm guitar
Todd Weaver: drums, percussion

Toy released one self-titled album on CD in 1997. (I bought my copy from Will in our high school cafeteria.) The tracklisting for the album reads:

7. Superman
2. Queen
10. Wounded Sentry
5. Cloud Without Water
3. Still Alone
12. Just You
4. Trash Talk
13. Make Believe
8. Untitled
1. Real
11. Inside Out
13. Make Believe
6. Choices
Recorded and Mixed at Digisound Production Studio, Kingsport, TN. Produced by Toy.

Toy went on to win the Battle of the Bands in 1998 and opened for (wince) N'Sync at Funfest that year before breaking up when the guys in the band went off to different colleges.