Antichthon is a hypothetical "counterweight planet" orbiting on the opposite side of the sun. Renaissance intellectuals who believed the Galilean Heresy felt that symmetry demanded the existence of Antichthon.

A "Metaphorical Antichthon" thus would be a theoretical place where everything and everyone we observe here on the real Earth was balanced - presumably by their evil twin opposite.

This concept has been used in many a sci-fi television show. The "Mirror Universe" of Star Trek, almost every good episode of Sliders etc.

As far as I can tell from my Australian perspective, the ultimate Metaphorical Antichthon would be the reality espoused by crap American family sit-coms like Valerie's family.

Whoever thought of killing the main character was on the right track.

They should have killed off the whole cast and replaced them with a combination of cyborg alligators and bizarre rabbit clones made from congealed KFC nugget fat.

The hilarious comedic situations that would arise through misunderstandings between these two groups might have been somewhat predictable (as would the need to harvest more KFC nugget fat after every episode after the cyborg alligators did what nature intended). But at least, it would have had more verisimilitude than the human cast (quite apart from appearing, quite ironically, less manufactured - where is the factory that pumps out actors that look like they live next door, but don't?)

Look Ma, I saved a writeup from Klaproth and recycled it. Aren't I an environmentally friendly jellybean?