When making desserts, or doing any kind of baking, you can can't spit without hitting a recipe that requires egg yolks or egg whites separately. (Not that I would recommend spitting in the kitchen, though. Hygiene, folks.)

All too often I see people separate the eggs by breaking the shell in half, then pouring the yolk from one side to the other, patiently waiting for the white to glob and dribble off. No. This is wrong. Don't do it. You'll either burst the yolk by spearing it on a pointy bit of shell, or you won't get rid of enough of the white.

Here's the proper way: First, wash your hands thoroughly (as you should always do before handling food). Then, take two bowls, one for the whites, and one for the yolks. Crack open an egg over the whites bowl (one-handed if you're a pro). Hold out your left hand, fingers together and palm upwards, over the whites bowl. Pour the egg out of the shell and into your left hand. Open your fingers slightly (not too far), and gently jiggle your hand so that the egg white dribbles through your fingers. Finally, deposit the yolk in the yolks bowl.

Faster and more efficient. Plus, it impresses people by making it look like you really know what you're doing.