Disco band who were at their most popular in the late 70s, their hits included Good Times, Le Freak, Everybody Dance, My Forbidden Lover and I Want Your Love.
Their music featured breathy vocals over great guitar riffs, fantastic basslines and the inevitable disco beat.
The main members of the band were Nile Rodgers (rhythm guitar and vocals, 1976-present)and Bernard Edwards (bass and vocals, 1976-1996) who wrote most of the songs and Tony Thompson (drums, 1976-present).
The original vocalists for the first few hits were Norma Jean Wright and Alfa Anderson.
Nile and Bernard also did a lot of production work together for other artists including Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and Debbie Harry which very much still had the Chic sound.

Chic (1978) - featuring Everybody Dance and Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
C'est Chic (1978) - featuring I Want Your Love, Le Freak and At Last I Am Free
Risqué (1979) - featuring Good Times, My Feet Keep Dancing and My Forbidden Lover
Real People (1980)
Take It Off (1981)
Tongue In Chic (1982)
Believer (1983)
Chic-ism (1992)