During the long, seemingly endless stretch of the period I despise the most (Civics), I struggled to find a source of entertainment among the lackluster presentations and dull chatter.

A rather unorthodox form of entertainment was handed to me and some friends from another friend in the form of the annual LEGO catalogue. Although I initially shrugged it off, it ended up being a lot of fun sifting through the 400$ massive Death Star kits and the 30$ version of Tic-Tac-Toe I ended up mocking. In one of the most bizzare sections of the catalogue, the one or two pages allocated for housewares, I discovered one of the most interesting, novel ideas thought up in a long time.


Ever have a warm drink that needed cooling? Have you, being not the smartest of people, thought that perhaps LEGO brand construction blocks could fill your needs? Poison yourself with ineffective plastic brick cooling no longer! This product is for you. The 10$ wonder is a simple tray constructed out of silicone, with 10 reservoirs for ice cubes. But there's one major difference - there are small cylindrical... reservoirs within these, making the rectangular ice cubes look almost exactly like lego bricks. Accept no non-Lego™ substitutes! The lego-laced cooling your drink requires is right here.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of making the "female" portion of the bricks on the bottom. It's been suggested that you could put one tray on top of another, but I'm not sure if the cylinders go to the bottom of the tray. It's impossible to tell for now - www.lego.com is stingy with pictures.

Sure, it's a pretty strange idea, and it's value is only really present as a novelty, but it's a chic shade of yellow, and is apparently dishwasher safe.

My friend swears he'll buy one. I'm actually considering it. I just wonder what they'll look like when they melt.

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