Another man's tool. It is very difficult to look nonchalant when using a crowbar.

A crowbar tends to be a 6-7 foot steel bar weighing ~20 kg. Imagine a giant nail. One end is usually sharpened (much like a blunt pencil) and the other end has a flat head.

A crowbar's main purpose is to be slammed into the ground (pointy end down) and break it up, so that a shovel may scoop the dirt out, when digging. But they make excellent levers for removing stumps and other bigger heavier objects.

Crowbaring is the harder of (digging related) jobs, and impresses girls the most, as you tend to sweat alot when using this tool. (chicks dig sweaty guys!)

Young children will look up to you ( as they generally have problems lifting it) chicks will dig you, is there nothing this tool will do for you???

Crowbars are often mistaken for Jimmy bars - a shorter S shaped tool, which can be carried in one hand. Be aware of this imation!