Kodos: It doesn't matter which one of us you vote for...Either way your planet is dooooooomed!

Guy in crowd: Well, I think I'll vote for a third party candidate.

Kang: Fine - throw your vote away! Hahahahahahahah!

Ross Perot punches through his tweedy little hat in disgruntled discouragement. He tried. Not that he was by any means the independent we were looking for, but the satirical message that Simpsons episode was trying to convey still seems to ring true, despite mblase's enlightening call to arms. As much as I agree with him/her and wish everyone else did, his last statement rings the most true: there just aren't enough people who believe in it yet. I can't tell you how many times I've spoken to people who feel they are unrepresented by American politics, and therefore have decided never to vote, almost as if they are taking some kind of a stance in doing so. I have tried in vain to preach the importance of voting for independent candidates, as the only way they can make their small voices heard. Whether or not their candidate wins, it is more of an active protest to our current system than simply doing nothing.
Despite my efforts I am constantly scoffed at. Most of these people have been so discouraged by politics and so brainwashed to believe that all candidates are in some way against them they are beyond the point of even paying attention to the new choices they are given today.