A Yorkie is one of three things, all pertaining to the City of York in the north of England.

  1. A chocolate bar, made by Nestlé, one of the two big York chocolate firms (the other is Terry's). In fact, the sign welcoming trains to the railway station consists of a giant plastic Yorkie bar. It is partly unwrapped, so only the letters "York" are visible.
  2. A breed of rat dog, properly known as a Yorkshire Terrier.
  3. An affectionate name for a graduate or resident of the city or university of York.

The Yorkie chocolate bar is a competitor to Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar. The standard bar just consists of chunks of milk chocolate, while raisin and biscuit varieties are also available.

The advertising slogan Not for girls refers to the size of the chunks and the difficulty in breaking them off the bar.