Properly named Gravelly Hill Interchange, Spaghetti Junction lies on the north side of Birmingham, UK, and links the A5127 (to the North), M6 (to the North West and South East), A38M (into Birmingham), A38 towards Lichfield, and several small roads.

The junction mainly consists of flyovers and sliproads, with only one roundabout in the whole mess, which you don't typically have to use to reach your desired exit road. Therefore the key to successfully navigating the junction is to enter in the correct lane. Lane signs are generally posted in the mile leading up to the junction, and entry in the correct lane should generally lead you straight through the junction with minimum stress.

Rules to help you get by:

  • Know your destination route in advance.
  • Get in lane in good time.
  • If you go wrong, attempt to exit on a small road - this gives you more opportunity to turn around and come back in for another try.
  • Don't panic

Interestingly, unlike its counterpart in Atlanta, Georgia, the Gravelly Hill interchange is not generally clogged with traffic. It flows very smoothly for most of the time; possibly due to the excellent foresight of its designers.