Spaghetti Junction is also a fairly famous intersection in Atlanta, Georgia. I had originally thought some ASCII art might have been appropriate for this situation but the criss-cross of the highways is far too complex and it would just look like a jumble of lines.

The actual name of it is the Tom Moreland Interchange but most people in the Atlanta area wouldn't know what you meant if you asked them about the Tom Moreland Interchange. The following is a list of the highways and roads that are linked at the intersection. I'm only going to list the list ones that have specific exit ramps otherwise this list would go on for quite some time.
  • I-285 East
  • I-285 West
  • I-85 North
  • I-85 South
  • Northcrest Road
  • Pleasantdale Road
  • Buford Highway (US 23)

The primary reason that people in the Northwest suburbs of Atlanta are so familiar with this intersection is the fact that they must pass through it to get to work every day. On top of the resident traffic there is also a large number of people traveling from North Carolina and South Carolina to Atlanta that pass through the intersection. This is also the intersection where big rigs get back onto I-85 after bypassing the city on I-285. All of these factors combine to create a very busy and very confusing intersection. There are only a handful of weekdays every year that you can pass through the intersection at 5 pm and not be stuck in traffic. Those days are national holidays and even then you might still get stuck for a few minutes.