Drängarna are a techno-country fusion band from Sweden. They are much like the more famous Rednex (who brought us Cotton-Eye Joe), but instead of singing in English, they favour their native Swedish. They record with the label Jam Lab, which is a Swedish subsidiary of Virgin.

Taking folk and country classics, they molest them with a disco or techno beat, step-up the tempo and have also occasionally been known to rap.

For the best impression of their effects, you could try listening to "Du Kära Lille Snickerbo" from Emil in the original and Drängarna's versions.


  • I Afton Logdans 1995
  • I Afton Juldans 1995
  • Fint Vettô 1996
  • Allt Är Som Förut 1997
  • En Skitbra Samling 1998
  • En Skitkul Jul 1998
  • Släpp Pigorna Loss 2000
  • Vill Du Bli Min Fru 1995
  • Drängaland 1995
  • Drängens Dröm 1995
  • Du Käre Lille Snickerbo 1995
  • Vintermorgon/Jag Fångade En Räv 1995
  • Kung Över Ängarna 1996
  • Till Sommaren 1996
  • Sanningen 1996
  • Fibbanbrud 1997
  • Samma Luft 1997
  • Magnifika Erika 1997
  • Kom Och Ta Mej 1998
  • Sol, Vind Och Vatten 1998
"Vill Du Bli Min Fru" reached number 1 in the Swedish Charts.
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