The Green Machine was kind of an other-worldly Big Wheel. It was mostly green and black and looked liked a cross between a cricket and a Transformer. Longer than the more-popular (or perhaps just "more-sold") Big Wheel, the Green Machine had the appearance of a chopper or a souped up hot-rod. If the two were sitting side by side and you asked any six-year-old which one could go faster, there would be no hesitation: the Green Machine just looked faster.

Although the Big Wheel and the Green Machine were both front wheel drive, it was the latter's rear wheel that turned — much like a forklift. Being physically longer, the Green Machine had a larger turning radius than the Big Wheel — this may explain their lack of use as Zambonis at ice rinks — making it more difficult (than with a Big Wheel) to do spin-outs.

The Green Machine was also steered differently; the rear wheel was turned by the means of two levers a'la BattleZone. This "different" control mechanism may have limited the number of it's sales — indeed I only knew one or two kids with them.